Treatment Division



We provide yoga treatment,physiotherapy, herbal and naturopathic therapies. Since our instituteis an `Ashram`/center for yoga, hence emphasis is mainly given upon yoga treatment.ancient rishis have given the framework of yoga by entwining body with mind. They have given instructions to get the mind indulged, cent percent, to various forms of yoga for having better results. Till date ramkrishnayogasram  following the ancient rituals , is able to maintain yoga as an influential method of treatment in  medical science. Taking ahead the ancient flow of yoga ,we (ssrky) are executing tatwa based `yoga’ treatment.`tatwa’is the anatomy of mind,which has been classified under the following heads:




d)morut(air) and 



In the era of creation of yoga ,diseases were detected by these 5 tatwas, which are been reflected on the faceof the diseased.till date we have kept this technique of diagnosisundisrupted.we, as well as armed ourselves with `hatayoga’(a composite mixtureof `asana’, `pranayama’ and `mudra’.). our fitness consultants classify thepaitents by age and based upon their `guna’ or qualities  we treat them soas to keep their health in pink and cure them from the diseases by making asimultaneous change of their body  and mind to the better half. The`gunas’ or the qualities e.g. `satta’,`rojo’ and `tomo’ are not being replaced,instead their intensities are being changed for controlling the diseases in the following way:

In the age of 1-12 years medication for `tamaguna’ (cough) belonging to aup tatwa, is to be given. While from  13-40 years `rajaguna’ or acid related problems,belonging to`tejtatwa’ comes under medication.again at the age of 41-60 diseases relatingto morut tatwa or satta guna are likely to be   the age of 61-80 both air and cough related diseases are more frequent to attack health and thus are to be medicated. We pronounce the language of treatment after calculating the abovegiven stats of `tatwas’ and `gunas’.

Apart from these we use soil,water, sun rays , and air in various ways to treat diseases very easily and economically.this method of treatment is known as naturopathy in the field of medical science.