Training Division



The course conducted in our institute are as follows:

 1.Bharatiya Yogacharya Upadhi :

Duration :2 years(Every Sat & Sun,3-6 PM)
2.Diploma in Physiotherapy :
 Duration: 1 Year(Every Sunday 3-6 PM),
3.Diploma in Yoga and Nature Science(DYNS):
Duration: 1 Year (Every Sunday 3-6 PM)
4.Advance Yoga Therapy (AYTC)Course: 
Duration: 6 Months(Every Sunday 3-6 PM)
 5.Meditation Therapy and Sadhana :
Duration : 3 months(Every Sat 5-7 PM ) 
Main feature of courses:
  1. In each and every course there is not only an open field for research work to be done but have a privilege for the betterment of thoughts and our daily lifestyle also. Thereby keeping in mind the later aspect of our course we have surpluses our courses with facts from spiritual science. Moral duties and values are being taught in every course to the students through any of the subjects to get them entangled with the concept of humanity profoundly.

    2. Emphasis has been given on the subjects of study based on ancient learning policy yet keeping the infrastructure of the modern education intact. Our Yogashram is carrying forward this light of education for the past 20 years.

    Mental Healing Program:

    Presently a new method of mental training is being proposed. According to the columns of some widely circulated daily in west Bengal 75% of old aged person are the prey of mental depression.So, we (ssrky) are going to take a small yet an important step for them.we are not trying to make  their mind free of rituals, the thing we are trying is to dust of the dirt deposited on their rituals and thereby giving them a feel offers highness and joy. We are going to give them,maybe 1-2 days a week,various psychological and yoga classes by our expert faculty to carry away their depression,by our proposed programme `Mental Healing’.