Sadhan Tatwa Charelya Parisad


In this division of our ashram,we indulge ourselves and our members to execute their self-talent and craftsmanship of their mind by participating in our discussions regarding spirituality and taking part in our pujaes and practices. Thre is an open scopefor all to be a part of our valuable and important discussions on spirituality,science and ethics. Our sadhantawa team organizes several important  occasionse.g. ‘’Kalpataru  Festival” on 1 st   January. Apart from this, we arrange, oncein a manth, a seminar discussing and defining facts from the ancient mythologyand relating them with our present time. Some eminent and learned scholars put forward their rational and precious speech in those seminars.

In the seventh chapter of Gita ithas been mentioned that any kind of “situation” is termed as practice or“sadhana” . the devotees and members of our “ashram” indulge themselves in this“sadhana” for over days, weeks, months and for years. The experience gained by them in this long procedure along with ther meticulous ideas and thoughts for the upliftment of society are put into black and white and thus published under the banner of our ashram.. thus in spite of religious phantasm  people of any faith having self-curiosity can join our “Sadhantatwa charchya porishad” forthe betterment of their soul and also that of their fellow gregarians.

Sadhantatwa charchya porishad”is a cumulative place of ‘karmayoga’, ‘gyanyoga’ and ‘vaktiyoga’. The jest of‘charchya’ is the application of knowledge into karmayoga through rigoruspractice, to reestablish yoga to every level our mind and offering it to ourinner self—the almighty,with a serine mind through vaktiyoga;threby giving oursociety respectable people armed with honesty and possessing a strong willpower to do good for others with a spirit of a samariton.

In the past three years throughour evergrowing “Sadhantatwa charchya parishad” we tried to spread honesty,goodthoughts,and wiilingness to do good for others, among the society- thequalities which our society lacks the most now-a-days. Anybody can be a part of our notion by keeping aside pride and materialistic attractions and breaking free from the irons binding up stongly with materialistic and selfish self.