Book Publication


The Publication Division works at its best to express the wisdom the institutes reveals through its day to day experience and experiments with life.

Some widely applauded books published by us are:-

  1. “Gitay Yogtatwa”
  2. ”Atma-darshanam” O “Sarbamimangsha”
  3. ”Grihaster Saral Yogsadhana”
  4. “Dhyan Chikitsya o Sikhya”
  5. “Pran Chikitsay Pranayam”
  6. “Chikitsya Shastrey Faal”
  7. “Rog Chikitsay Yoger Bidhan”
  8. “Sreer Rmkrishner Anontovab”
  9. “Adhyater Aloke Vigyan”
  10. “Yogeswari Narmada”
  11. “Yogic Dhan O Atmagyan Sadhana” – Atma Progyo
  12. “Puran Porni” – Swami Debananda
  13. “Saral Physiotherapy” – Dr. H.P. Das
  14. “Atmo – Prokash” – Magazine
  15. “Srimod Bhagabat Gita” – Anubad

we are also going to  publish books like:

  • “Smrityunmesh Yoga”
  • “Sadhansanmadhan Sutra”
  • “Akhonkar Manush Akhonkar Yog” – Atmo Progyo
  • “Debdebir Manush Rohosyo” –  Swami Debananda
  • “Bromho Kathon” – Swami Debananda
  • “Moner Sadhana” –  Swami Debananda
  • “Sriti O Anusahoner Krom” –  Swami Debananda

The quarterly magazine, “Atmya-Prakash”, -which gives a clear conception ofthe genuine goodwill of our ashram. This magazine helps to nourish the mental health and spirituality of all the readers.The main part of“Atmya-Prakash”, as its name suggest, contains experiences of our members exploring their inner self by their participation in the journey towards the Divine Self.They also express their experiences about the discussions in the monthly seminars of our “Sadhantatwa Charchya Porishod” i.e. the platform to learn and share the spiritual experience of the members. . “Atmya –Prakash” is the face of the institution.